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Investing In DC Real Estate

From House Hacking To Multifamily

DC investment strategies, from house-hacking, BRRRR, flipping, buy & hold to multifamily can help you build wealth and secure your financial future.

Is DC Real Estate A Good Investment?

Yes, Here's Why (by the numbers)

Investing in real estate in Washington DC presents many compelling advantages for investors. Among them, DC has one of the nation’s highest median household income rankings at $101,027, approx. 1.4 times the U.S. median. The economy is robust and varied. The District of Columbia also has a strong property value appreciation history, and substantial rental demand. All of these key factors make real estate investment here desirable, stable and profitable.

DC Median Household Income 36 Year Chart

DC Real Estate Appreciation 36 Year Chart

DC Real Estate Rental Vacancy 37 Year Chart

Types of DC Real Estate Investment

House Hacking

‘House hacking’ has become an extremely popular method of offsetting housing costs and increase cash flow in Washington DC. From short-term basement apartments to accessory dwellings, District homeowners are successfully building equity while reducing monthly overhead.


This popular acronym for ‘Buy + Rehab + Refi + Rent + Repeat” ‘BRRR’ is a newer version of a long-established real estate investment strategy. It involves purchasing a rundown property below market value, renovating, renting it, cashing out to purchase another property, then repeating the process.

Flix & Flip

“Fix and flip” is a very familiar term to anyone who has participated in a real estate search during the past two decades. An investor buys a property requiring updates and repairs, complete renovation, or remodeling, makes the necessary adjustments, and resells at a profit, on average within 30 days to 6 months.

Buy & Hold

‘Buy and hold’ investors purchase property with value forecast to increase substantially over time. The investor rents the property to offset overhead and provide cash flow, and may leverage it in order to purchase additional properties. This strategy offers both short term and long term advantages.


In DC, multifamily properties range from row houses with rental basements, duplexes, triplexes and four-plexes, all of which are considered ‘residential multifamily’. Buildings with 5+ units are classified as “commercial real estate.”

Multifamily property can offer superior cash flow with minor incremental added cost, and greater long-term equity build than other forms of property investment.

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