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What are DC third party inspections, who gets them, and how?.


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What Is A Third Party Inspection?

A Third-Party Inspector is person (or company) retained by a permit applicant or holder to provide code compliance plan reviews or inspections of a District of Columbia building project, in accordance with procedures of construction codes and the Third Party Program Procedure Manual.

The program was created to establish and review provider qualifications increase oversight of approved third-party agencies.

The program manual (adopted November 6, 2017, and revised December 7, 2018) outlines qualifications required for approval by the DOB (see Sections 6-1405.02 and 6-1405.04 of Title 6 of the DC Official Code).

Who Pays For Third Party Inspections?

Third party inspections are contracted at the expense of the applicant or the permit holder, allowing the applicant to chose the inspector or company, and dictate the schedule.

DOB construction inspections, by contrast, are included in the price of the permit fee. The DOB states that their Inspections can be scheduled within two (2) weeks. DOB inspectors are certified and approved. An inspector is assigned, not chosen by the applicant.

Third Party Inspection Resources

TERTIUS is the online platform created by the DOB for use in selecting and contracting with approved District of Columbia third party inspectors.


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