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A significant portion of the homes sold in Washington DC are transacted off-market. That means only a select few have access to those lisitngs before they go under contract. Shouldn’t you be one of them?


Private Exclusive Listings

Get on the guest list!

Does it feel like a private party you’re not invited to when you learn properties are being bought and sold without ever coming on the market?

With inventory so tight in the District, you need every advantage possible in the market.

Private Exclusives are off-market listings on the Compass network, available only to Compass clients. You won’t find them on public real estate search sites, or the MLS. A significant portion of DC real estate is being marketed and sold on private networks, and Compass has the largest and most sophisticated of them all.

Fortunately, we can offer you an invitation. All you have to do is ask. Welcome to the party!

Susan Isaacs | Momagent

Why Do Sellers List Off-Market?

Private Exclusive listings allow sellers to test the market privately, gather key insights and commentary on pricing without the penalty MLS and the market impose for the number of days (Days On Market) the property has been listed. 

Some sellers also wish to list off-market for privacy reasons.

Does This Impact Buyers?

Quite a bit.  Since a significant portion of Washington DC real estate inventory is listed and sold off-market, buyers without access to off-market networks are missing out on these opportunities because they don’t know they exist.

Shouldn’t You Take Advantage of Private Exclusive Opportunities?

Absolutely! Whether you’re a seller or buyer, Private Exclusive listings offer a meaningful market advantage and opportunities you won’t find anywhere else. Having access to the widest scope of off-market listings will help you estimate value, test the market, or find the home you desire.

Wake up to private exclusive listings


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