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When It’s Time To Buy A Home

The best time to buy a home is the time that’s right for you. Regardless of market conditions, we’ll help you find your advantage:

  • Meet your timeline
  • Search and negotiation strategies
  • Packaging the best possible offer
  • Guiding you through the transaction process
  • Closing and beyond

We provide insight into current market trends & inventory levels, outstanding search tools, and share strategies that help you realize your goals, now and into the future.

Your goals are our goals.

Getting Started

Even seasoned pros are reeling from the rollercoaster ride that was the 2023 real estate market. But adaptability is part of our skillset, and history has been a great teacher. We immediately adjust to economic, market and industry shifts so we can provide you with guidance that is current and effective. 

We’ll discuss 2024 market strategies and how they apply to your individual goals.

Getting started is as easy as reaching out to discuss every aspect of your home purchase plan you’d like to share.

Making Friends With The Market

Let us introduce you to the DC real estate market. 

Uncertainty is the bane of any market, so the 2024 real estate market should offer great improvement over the tumultuous market of 2023. Not only is the Fed’s rate plan clear, inflation is taming, signs point to an averted  or very mild and brief rescession, and rates are projected to drop incrementally throughout the year.

In Washington DC, inventory shortage is expected to ease somewhat as rates drop, as more sellers list their properties. Once rates hit what buyers perceive as an annual low, activity is expected to boom, competition will drive up prices, and inventory levels will shrink.

Understanding your local market is key to making good real estate decisions. We’ll help you gauge the DC real estate market and initiate the beginning of a beautiful friendship in 2024.

Our Strategy

Perhaps more than ever before, strategy is important to your Washington DC real estate purchase.

With 2023 in the rear view, potential changes in the real estate commission structure, projected mortgage interest rate drops, anticipated inventory shortgages and pent-up demand, buyers need a plan and an expert to guide them through it.

We’re experienced at anticipating market changes and addressing them strategically, affording our clients greater opportunity. 

Transaction Process

From planning, search, property research and negotiation to transaction management and settlement, we endeavor to protect your interests and help you negotiate optimal terms.

Commission Notice

Commission Payment Is Changing

You may have seen news reports about the national antitrust class action lawsuits against NAR, MLS and brokerages.  They will affect the way commissions are paid in the future. For now, the practice of sellers paying buyer broker commissions as a split (“cooperation”) of listing broker commission continues, with the following changes:

  • Bright MLS now allows offers of 0% for selling agent compensation.

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