Our Deep Clean Checklist

Author: Susan Isaacs | The Isaacs Team

Leave no corner and crevice un-scoured! When you’re prepping your house for sale, make it shine!

The Big, Deep Clean



  • Floors – Clean, remove scuff marks and all discoloration possible without use of harsh cleansers. *See special instructions for flooring types below
  • Carpeting – If your home contains carpeting, assess its wear, color and condition. It may require replacement rather than cleaning
  • Baseboards – Clean all, with special attention to marks, corners and base where they meet floors
  • Doors – Clean doors, trim, thresholds, handles & locks. Polish metal
  • Switch plates & outlet covers – Clean, remove fingerprints/soil surrounding all
  • Door trim – Clean
  • Window frames, sills, casings, trim & glass – Clean outside & inside
  • Blinds, Shades – Dust & moist wipe
  • Curtains, Drapes – Remove sheers or light-blocking coverings, clean & press those which remain
  • All shelving – Clean and dust
  • Light fixtures – Remove globes and clean, replace all bulbs with 4000k LEDs in the highest wattage allowable by fixture

Special Attention


  • Cabinets – Clean inside & out with special attention to crevices and seams
  • Cabinet hardware – Clean (polish if specifically requested)
  • Appliances inside/out including top of refrigerator, freezer. Insides of refrigerator & freezer should look/smell like new, rubber door seals should be clean
  • Sinks, faucets, countertops – Clean, shine & disinfect. Remove stains.
  • Tile, grout, caulking – Clean tile to remove debris, dirt, grease and stains, bleach grout where needed, scrub grout & caulking. Pay special attention to cabinet bases and corners.
  • Run disinfectant through garbage disposal (cold water only)
  • Trash cabinet/receptacles – Clean and deodorize
  • Exteriors of stainless steel appliances should be streak & fingerprint-free after cleaning. Underneath, inside & outside of microwave should be immaculate
  • Clean range inside and out with goal of as-new appearance
  • Remove free-standing storage shelves if possible, if not, clean, decluttter, and place remaining items in attractive, matching storage bins on shelves.


  • Cabinets – Clean inside & out with special attention to crevices and seams
  • Cabinet hardware – Clean (polish if specifically requested)
  • Tub/shower, sinks, faucets, countertops – Clean & disinfect
  • Tile, grout, caulk – Clean, shine
  • Super clean toilets inside & out, bleach bowl
  • Clean mirrors, clean & polish fixtures
  • Clean doors & hardware, towel bars, paper holder
  • Clean floors, baseboards and trim
  • Clean shower head with CLR
  • Clean & remove from sight trash receptacles, plungers and toilet bowl brushes
  • Remove free-standing storage shelves.


Ceiling Fan(s)

  • Dust and wipe fan blades with moist cloth to remove grime, dust
  • Dust light globe
  • Polish metal fittings
  • Remove charms and extension strings from pulls and chains
  • At least 75% of the time, it is better to remove ceiling fans and replace them with a simple, flat light fixture

Closets and Pantry

  • Clean shelving, floors, light fixture
  • Notes For Flooring

Avoid using water, steam, general spray cleaners, wax or oil soap on engineered wood floors. Use a floor cleaning product & mop approved for engineered floors (microfiber).

Avoid use of water, steam, wax or oil soap on hardwood flooring. Suggest use of Bona’s Free & Simple Hardwood Floor Cleaner & Bona microfiber mop. These will be supplied by the homeowner and stored in the kitchen.


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