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Susan Isaacs | DC Real Estate

Committed to Clients

At the core of our real estate practice, we embrace transparency, strategic planning, and ethical procedure. Client needs are Susan’s compass, guiding her to continuously adapt to market conditions in order to exceed expectations.

Partnering is a beginning, planning for the future together is progress,  achieving long-term real estate goals is success.

We’re dedicated to empowering you to build the wealth that paves the way for the lifestyle and accomplishments you aspire to achieve for yourself and your family.

Delivering personalized real estate solutions that align with client goals and aspirations.

Clients value Susan’s expertise in crafting a team to effectively navigate and execute their long-term real estate strategy to build wealth and achieve financial security through real estate. She is not just a real estate consultant; she’s a partner in the real estate journey, offering personalized strategies, a wealth of knowledge and experience, and a supportive team for those looking to achieve their real estate goals in one of the nation’s toughest markets.

Susan begins each real estate relationship by conducting a personalized consultation in order to understand clients’ unique needs and objectives. She provides ongoing, personalized support as clients navigate various life stages and goals. Whether it’s upsizing, downsizing, investing, or adapting to changing circumstances, Susan remains a constant partner in aligning real estate strategies with evolving needs and aspirations.

Inventory is at a 20 year low. Interest rates are at a 23 year high.
We’re here for all of it.

Inflation, economic slowdown, election cycles–Susan understands the implications of these conditions and their effect on your transaction.

She’ll collaborate with you to create a plan that:

  • Addresses challenges and concerns
  • Identifies beneficial niches in the market
  • Pinponts locations with growth potential
  • Introduces off-market opportunities.
market conditions

Private Exclusives | The Other DC Real Estate Market

Off-market properties represent a growing percentage of  Washington DC inventory.

In the current market landscape, listing off-market presents a strategic advantage for sellers. Without access to these exclusive listings, buyers risk the loss of valuable opportunities available only by invitation. 

Compass owns the largest and most sophisticated off-market regional network.  Susan offers access to ‘private exclusive’ and ‘coming soon’ listings in your Compass Collections.

private exclusive listings

Tools: The DC Real Estate Knowledge Vault

The DC real estate market is unique and complex. To help you understand the process, we offer a knowledge vault of one hundred + pages of original articles, neighborhood profiles, blog posts and posts providing invaluable insights into the District of Columbia real estate market, agency and transaction considerations.

This comprehensive resource helps buyers and sellers make informed decisions, problem solve, and stay attuned to market trends before, during, and after every transaction.

Knowledge Vault | TOOLS

How Do You Want To Conquer The Market?

Buyers, sellers, and investors share a triad of objectives:

  • Acquiring properties judiciously
  • Maximizing returns through strategic sales
  • Optimizing the utility of assets during ownership

We furnish comprehensive insights into prevailing market trends, inventory dynamics, and transactional strategies, all aimed at realizing your property-related goals.

Share your aspirations to us. We’ll help make them reality.

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