In addition to the advantages of expertise and experience, your agent will make your search less stressful and more successful.

1. Your Time Is Valuable
You’ll never know how much time and effort goes into your home search & purchase when you’re working with a good DC buyers agent. That’s because you don’t see much of what we do! The Isaacs Team spends over 60 hours in the average week touring, information gathering, performing market and property research, engaging in communication with listing agents, reviewing and drafting documents, then boiling all that down to client communication. How much time do you have to devote to your home search?  Do you have the training and experience to know how to effectively utilize the information you gather? Save time & enjoy a more efficient, successful search by working with us!
2. We're Experts
We transact in DC neighborhoods daily, garnering information to benefit our clients in the process. We have the tools and resources necessary to assist you in making a good decision and executing a successful transaction. We spend thousands of dollars annually for software, services and hardware that allow us to provide you with the best market data, most accurate details and up-to-the-minute property listing and development information available. Why not take advantage of them? Not only do we have access to proprietary industry tools that offer a distinct advantage over those consumers find on the Internet, we add value with our market and transaction experience. Property search & price negotiation are just two small components of a home purchase process–and nearly all the remaining portions of a transaction are negotiable! If you don’t know what the other factors are, or what outcomes can occur based on each choice you make (or fail to make), you need an expert to help you manage your purchase. The seller or developer of the property you purchase will have professional representation, shouldn’t you?
3. You're Paying For It Anyway
Get what you’re paying for. Some buyers think they’ll get a better deal by not using a DC buyers agent because they assume the seller will be paying less commission. That’s not the case. Here’s how real estate commission works; The seller and listing agent sign a listing agreement, with a  percentage of the list price allocated to the listing brokerage. Let’s use 6% as an example. The listing broker lists the property for sale at the agreed upon price, offering the selling broker (buyer broker) a split of their 6% commission, usually 50%. The home is sold to a buyer with no agent. The listing brokerage keeps the full commission. The home is sold to a represented buyer. The listing brokerage earns 3% and the selling brokerage earns 3%. There’s no change in commission paid by the seller regardless of buyer agent involvement. That sum is negotiated and contractually set prior to the home going on the market. Other points to remember: If you’re negotiating against an experienced agent, chances are good that you’ll come out on the losing side–not only on price but on terms that may matter a lot later in your transaction. Experienced investors, attorneys and even real estate agents themselves use agents to buy and sell property. They know it’s the smart thing to do. You’re paying for it anyway–so take advantage of expert advice!
4. We Do The Dirty Work
Realtors take the emotion out of stressful real estate situations so buyers can make smart decisions. We wish we could say that all real estate transactions are smooth and easy. They’re not. We wish we could say that all agents play fair. They don’t. We wish we could say that all sellers are rational and stick to agreements. Sadly, no. Make sure you’ve got a professional watching your back. You’ll make the decisions and we’ll keep you in the loop on the stuff that matters. Most buyers working with The Isaacs Team have no idea how stressful their transaction was because we handled the tough stuff. We’re savvy to the strategies, machinations and manipulations of listing agents and sellers. We know the rules and how to win for you.
5. It's More Fun!
And finally… partnering with a DC buyers agent to manage your real estate transaction frees you up to enjoy the experience. You’re buying a home! You should be excited about it!  When you have an expert to guide you through the process, do the legwork, run the research and provide support, it’s easier to find the home purchase process enjoyable. 

Expertise is one call away.

The Isaacs Team LLC


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