April 2022 Update For Short-Term Rental Hosts

The Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA) announces that it is extending the application grace period for Short-Term Rental Licenses to June 9, 2022.

In support of the Short-Term Rental Regulation Act of 2018, DCRA began accepting applications for Short-Term Rental Licenses on January 10, 2022. To give short-term rental hosts enough time to get the required documentation and obtain licenses, a 90-day grace period was implemented.

To assist hosts who have not yet obtained their licenses, and to allow them confirm eligibility for the Homestead Deduction or obtain a Certificate of Clean Hands from the DC Office of Tax and Revenue (OTR), DCRA will extend the grace period for an additional 60 days until June 9, 2022.


Original Post

D.C. Council invited the District of Columbia Association of Realtors (DCAR) to comment on DCRA’s enforcement of new short-term rental (STR) regulations at a public roundtable.

Enforcement begins April 10th, and in advance of that deadline, DCAR wants the council to reverse the agency’s decision to limit areas of residences that can be used for STR to ADUs (accessory dwelling units) (i.e. basements).
A DCAR representative argued that homeowners’ are being prevented from exercising their property rights within statutory and zoning guidelines by implementation of the restriction.
In the previously passed version of the STR law, no restriction on which areas of a home could be used existed. Also, D.C. Zoning Commission made an exception for STRs in the zoning regulations, allowing the homeowner to choose whether to rent out their main home or the accessory dwelling unit.
More on this situation as it develops.
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