What makes Compass Concierge unique?


"Concierge look-alikes" have filtered into the DC market, trying to compete with the game-changing Compass program for home sellers. If you're not familiar with Compass Concierge, visit our page and learn how we can transform your home to better position it in the market, all at no upfront cost to you, interest-free.

Compass Concierge

In response to the resounding success of Compass Concierge, other brokerages have created their own concierge services. But these programs cobble together partnerships with other companies instead of funding home seller updating, renovation and moving costs upfront. For example, they partner with Curbio for home renovation work. This creates a number of restrictions:


Sellers must use Curbio's contractors. You can't choose the vendors you want to work with, or are recommended to you. That means you can't shop for the best prices, highest quality workmanship, or specialty work. Recently, a Compass agent compared bids by personally selected contractors against bids from Curbio for the same job, and found that Curbio bid $50,000 higher with no expectation that the work would be better. Compass Concierge allows you the flexibility and choice you deserve to make your home market ready, at the best price available.


Another restriction, and this is a big one, is that Curbio dictates what work they'll do to your home. While Compass Concierge allows you and your agent to decide what work is most cost-effective in creating a presentation that will offer you the best ROI, other programs force you to let a third-party vendor with a stake in the profit and no real estate agency expertise make those choices.


Curbio has a $15,000 minimum project size. Compass Concierge has no minimum funding amount, which means that you can use it simply for painting, staging, or moving costs that total a much lower sum.


This is a big one, too. Curbio's contract states that you must reduce your home's list price by 2% every 30 days the home is on the market. Again, this company has no real estate expertise, wasn't involved in creation of your home sale strategy, makes no adjustment for your home type, luxury listings that take longer to sell, or significant market factors such as the COVID-19 pandemic. Compass Concierge has no such restrictions.

Presenting your home for max ROI

In addition to pre-sale renovation work, other brokerage programs may offer additional services as part of their package, such as moving help, furniture consignment, staging, bridge loans, settlement services, etc., and while that sounds like what Compass Concierge and Compass Bridge Loan Services offer, there's a big difference; in just about every case, these services are simply promises that the agents at that brokerage know how to stage a home, or can connect you with a settlement company, lender, mover, and so on. There's no actual help there. Not only do we connect you with top service providers in the area, we offer programs to assist you when you need funds to accomplish your goals. Concierge gives you almost total flexibility of funds, not just recommendations. With Concierge, you get more flexibility and control of the process.