Why A Good Buyers Agent Matters

Author: Susan Isaacs | The Isaacs Team

A great agent saves you time, money and angst. In addition to the many advantages gained by working with a real estate consultant with years of demonstrated expertise and experience, your home search and transaction will be less stressful and labor-intensive, more successful and enjoyable.

We're Experienced, Knowledgable And Loyal To You


Buyer agency was created to protect consumers. The agency agreement outlines duties, broker commission and fees, and protections afforded the buyer, such as loyalty, confidentiality, fiduciary responsibility and fulfillment of disclosure requirements. Without it, agents are acting as sub-agents of the seller.

We’ll Share

Market Knowledge: Real time market data and trends, in-depth knowledge of DC real estate market practices, values, pricing and inventory–all of which are are key to your transaction.

Negotiation Skills: We understand how to make deals work in one of the nation’s most complex and aggressive real estate markets.

Networking: Our network of contacts in the real estate industry, including lenders, title attorneys, stagers, contractors and vendors, even other agents, can be valuable when buying or selling a property.

Property Evaluation: Nearly two decades of experience in new construction and residential resale helped us amass a wealth of knowledge that includes property evaluation and presentation.

Paperwork Management: Real estate transactions involve a lot of paperwork and legalities. We help you navigate the process with ease, ensuring that contract terms are written with your goals and protection in mind, and that both parties comply with all relevant practices, laws and regulations.

Guidance and Support: Buying or selling a property can be a complicated and stressful process. We provide guidance and support throughout, helping you avoid common pitfalls and ensuring the smoothest possible transaction.

What is Buyer Agency?

Buyer agency works’s in the buyer’s best interests, not the seller’s, with the buyer’s agent providing the fiduciary duties of loyalty, reasonable care, confidentiality, disclosure and obedience to legal instruciton.

In contrast, agents who are not acting as Buyers Agents are effectively subagents of the seller.

Why Work With a Buyers Agent?

We’re Experts.  Are You?

  • We’ve trained in the laws, practices and protocols of DC real estate for over a decade. How much training have you had?
  • We transact in DC neighborhoods daily, garnering information that benefits our clients in the process.
  • We have specialized tools and resources necessary to making informed decisions and executing successful transactions. We spend thousands of dollars annually for the software, hardware, memberships and resources that allow us to provide you with accurate data, real time on and off-market property listings, hidden listing information accessible only to agents, access to homes for sale (both on and off-market), the knowledge and brokerage technology that enhance your search and transaction and reduce risk, as well as immediate access to brokers, title attorneys, business partners and other experts. You’re at a disadvantage without them.
Many people don’t realize all the work that a good real estate agent does. Property search & price negotiation are just two small components of a complex home purchase process–and nearly all the remaining portions of a transaction are negotiable! If you don’t know what the other factors are, or what outcomes can occur based on each choice you make (or fail to make), you will benefit by having an expert guide you through the process. The seller or developer of the property you purchase will have professional representation, shouldn’t you? This is one of the biggest expenditures you’ll make in your lifetime. Don’t shortchange yourself.

Your Time is Valuable

You’ll never know how much time and effort goes into your home search and purchase transaction when you’re working with a good Washington DC buyers agent. That’s because you don’t see much of what we do, including:

  • Learning buyer needs, preferences and abilities
  • Educating the buyer on market and how conditions relate to the buyer’s goals
  • Explaining all goal-relevant and transaction-specific topics to the buyer
  • Screening and reviewing listings in real time
  • Identifying off-market opportunities
  • Performing market and property research
  • Arranging tours
  • Touring and assisting the buyer in evaluating homes toured
  • Researching and drafting CMAs
  • Drafting, packaging, and negotiating offers
  • Reviewing contracts
  • Opening title, instructions to title
  • Transaction management and oversight
  • Attending inspections, additional visits, walkthroughs and settlements and providing guidance and administrative support through each step
  • Engaging in communication with listing agents, developers, lenders, title companies, home owner associations, contractors and vendors, and more
  • Negotiating addendums to the contract
  • Monitoring contractual deadlines and other time-sensitive contract provisions
  • Boiling everything down to effective client communication.

Even if you had the knowledge, expertise and tools required to do all these things well, it’s doubtful you could devote the time and attention your home search and transaction deserve.

You Can Relax

It’s part of your agent’s job to take the emotion out of stressful real estate situations so you can make objective, smart decisions. We wish we could say that all real estate transactions are simple, smooth and easy. They’re not. We wish we could say that all parties play fairly. They don’t.  We wish we could say that all sellers stick to agreements. Sadly, no.

Make sure you’ve got a professional on your side who knows the playbook;  how to read the signals, guard against issues when possible, and manage them when they occur.

It’s More Fun

This is no small thing! Real estate transactions can be stressful. When the pressure’s off, you can start to enjoy what should be one of the biggest thrills of your lifetime–at the very least it’s going to be one of the most expensive.

Partnering with us to manage your transaction frees you to enjoy the experience. We’ll guide you through the process, do the legwork, run pertinent research and provide support–making your home purchase process less time-intensive and far more fun.



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