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The Isaacs Team LLC

When moving is a necessity, but conditions aren't ideal, we offer innovative, creative solutions to make selecting a home and transacting less stressful.

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We'll meet, screen to screen. Let's discuss your goals, timeline, wish list and price point. Then we'll create a strategy that addresses your needs.

Your search begins with Compass Collections, a curated showcase of listings that meet your criteria. These include active listings, MLS Coming Soon listings and the pre-market Compass Coming Soon listings only Compass clients can see.

Compass’ unique Collections will help you organize listings and communicate preferences. You can create favorites, request a tour, reject properties and leave comments. Your Collections will provide a valuable record of property impressions and useful insight for evaluating comparables when structuring an offer.

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Most listings offer virtual tours and many are offering virtual open houses. These presentations show off the best attributes of properties. In keeping with our "no filter" motto, our video tours are a bit different.

Focusing on the visible drawbacks and less than stellar aspects of the home provides you with a realistic impression of the property. No one will say they’re pretty…and that’s the point.

We’ll also shoot mini neighborhood tours, if you’re considering a home in an unfamiliar location. Just ask!

There's nothing wrong with wanting to take advantage of a unique opportunity in the DC real estate market, where buyers are typically disadvantaged by low inventory, aggressive pricing and competitive offer scenarios.

One we identify the home you want to purchase, we’ll provide you with market perspective, comparables for price analysis and discuss negotiation strategy in order to package an offer that will be acceptable to the seller and as advantageous as possible for you.

We’ll send the offer package to you electronically for signature. You can review and sign from home, or anywhere you can connect via phone or computer.

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Yes, the property can still be inspected.

Due to current COVID-19 requirements, the inspector will visit the property alone, wear protective gear, and provide you with an electronic report detailing issues identified during his/her inspection. The report will include photos where necessary.

We’ll also provide options for a virtual final walk-through of the property you’re purchasing prior to your closing date.

Closing, keys and the next step in your DC life

Title companies in DC offer a number of options to address current social distancing restrictions in DC. We’ll walk you through them and help you select the one that works best for you. Once you’ve signed off, the keys to your new home will be provided to you and your new life in DC begins!


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The Isaacs Team LLC


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