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Crestwood is a woodsy enclave of 665 detached single family residences evolved from one 300 acre estate. A toney urbanburb and architectural smörgåsbord, surrounded on three sides by trees and Bambi.

Crestwood DC homes

Crestwood is an elegant residential neighborhood known for its quiet streets, lush greenery, and a mix of architectural styles, including Colonial Revival and Tudor homes. This neighborhood exudes a suburban charm while providing convenient access to urban amenities.

Crestwood is characterized by spacious single-family homes, many of which boast large lots, its diverse architecture and lush landscaping. Crestwood’s tranquil atmosphere is attributed to Rock Creek Park bordering three sides of the neighborood, and its sense of community. While Crestwood is 100% residential, it benefits from amenities in Mount Pleasant and 16th Street Heights.

Why We Love It

  • Elegant detached homes
  • Large homes
  • Large lots
  • Diverse architecture
  • Bordered by Rock Creek Park
  • Rock Creek Park amenities


  • Mount Pleasant
  • 16th Street Heights


“The process for selling our Crestwood home was smooth and quick, and they designed a strategy and negotiated a sale well above our asking price; and a purchase price below asking – both in the same market.”

Crestwood Market Data

Crestwood History

Enduring Value

Indigenous peoples knew the value of Crestwood long before white settlers discovered its bounties. Creeks filled with herring, shad and other fish, woods teaming with turkeys, deer, bears, buffalo, bison, and small game for hide tanning and fur, along with late summer and autumn walnut harvests drew the Susquehannock and Piscataway Indians to the area. The Crestwood neighborhood also offered fertile planting soil and quartzite from boulders on its south end for fashioning spear tips and tools.

300 Acres

In the early 1700’s, white settlers moved into the Crestwood area, building homes along Rock Creek. John Bradford was the first titleholder to a 500 acre land parcel granted by Lord Baltimore in 1719. Randall Blake then took title to 300 acres, the parcel that makes up today’s Crestwood neighborhood. A small section was allocated to Rock Creek Park and another small section was lost to construction of 16th Street. Blake named his parcel “Argile Cowall and Lorn” for several locations on west coast of Scotland.

Lyons Mill

Lyons Mill was constructed on Argile land in 1780, attracting workers and their families. Abner Peirce built Peirce Mill in 1829. In 1845 the Argyle estate was sold to Russian Count and Ambassador Alexander de Bodisco for $7,500. Bodicso built a country estate there with a conservatory, bowling alley, barns and other outbuildings. Count Bodicso sold the Argile property to lumber merchant Thomas Blagden just before his death in 1853 for $25,000. Blagden further developed the estate, expanding the milling business include a flour mill, fertilizer mill, miller’s cottage and two outbuildings. He farmed approximately 100 acres for potatoes.

Blagden Deer Park

The population of Crestwood and the surrounding area grew substantially during and after the Civil War. This caused the loss of a good portion of the area’s wildlife. Thomas Blagden Jr. created “Blagden Deer Park” in 1874, an approx. 25 acre fenced preserve where deer were bred and sold to wealthy estate owners for their own game parks, breeding, and hunting. Increased development brought new roads and the electric streetcar to the area, along with Mt. Pleasant Village in 1865. Congress established Rock Creek Park in 1883, including donated portions of the Blagden and Peirce family properties. In 1899, the Blagden family donated additional land for the construction of Blagden Avenue, providing access to the park.

That Bomb Story

In 1980, a bomb detonated in a window flower box at 1907 Quincy Street in Crestwood. It was the home of Yugoslavia’s charge d’affaires. A group called the “Croatian Freedom Fighters” claimed responsibility. The residence was abandoned in the 1990’s by the Yugoslavia government and after a very lengthy delay of transfer to the Bosnia-Herzegovina government, was sold by Bosnia & Herzegovina in spring 2015 for $650,000. The property transferred again in 2016 for the sum of $860,000. in completely gutted condition. It has since been rebuilt as a modern 4 bedroom, 4.5 bath residence of over 3,850 sft. and is valued at nearly $2M.

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