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Brookland DC is a neighborhood characterized by its leafy streets, historic architecture, and a strong sense of community. Known for its residential tranquility,

The Brookland Neighborhood

Monroe Street Market Brookland

Brookland provides a welcome escape from the hustle and bustle of the city while maintaining convenient access to downtown D.C. The neighborhood is home to the Catholic University of America and the Franciscan Monastery, contributing to its academic and cultural ambiance. Brookland’s charming row houses, many featuring classic early 20th-century designs, line the streets, providing a picturesque backdrop to this close-knit community.

The real estate market in Brookland offers a mix of housing options, including beautifully restored row houses and detached single family homes, bungalows, and newer condominium and townhouse developments.

Brookland’s appeal lies not only in its residential charm but also in the thriving arts scene, with the Arts Walk showcasing local artists and studios. The Rhode Island Avenue corridor provides residents with a variety of retail nd dining options.

Whether strolling through its historic streets or enjoying the local arts scene, Brookland offers a distinctive residential experience.

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  • SFH with large lotss
  • Monroe Street Market
  • Brookland Catholic U Metro


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Brookland History


The English claimed Algonquin Indian land in 1632. King Charles I of England granted it to George Calvert, who wanted to find a refuge for Roman Catholics. For most of the 19th century the area was farmland owned by the Middleton and Queen families. Col. Jehiel Brooks married into ownership when he wed Nicholas Queen’s daughter Ann Margaret and they were gifted with a 150-acre plantation, which they named “Belair.” On it, they built the grand “Brooks Mansion” at 901 Newton Street NE.

Belaire Subdivision

In 1887, the house and land were sold to an Ida U. Marshall, then to Benjamin F. Leighton and Richard E. Pairo, who subdivided Belair, and developed the suburb of Brookland. The mansion house itself, along with a 2 acre parcel surrounding the dwelling, were sold to Elizabeth Varney who operated a boarding house. In 1891, the Marist Brothers bought the Brooks mansion, added a wing, then sold to the Benedictine Sisters of Elizabeth, New Jersey in 1905. In 1906, they founded St. Anthony’s Academy for young children and operated a women’s shelter. In 1911, the Catholic University of America began educating the sisters at the mansion. In 1928, women were admitted to Catholic University of America, and the mansion became St. Anthony’s High School. During the 1870s, the B&O Railroad opened a Western Branch Line in Brookland. Neighboring Sherwood, University Heights and other tracts were also developing. The expansion of the city’s streetcars helped create a middle-class streetcar suburb, from which many Queen Anne style and other Victorian homes from this era still stand. Brookland, Edgewood and Michigan Park are sometimes referred to as “Little Rome” due to the many Catholic organizations and institutions surrounding The Catholic University of America. In 1887, the Roman Catholic Church purchased the Middletown estate, adjacent to Brookland, as the site for CUA. This attracted many other Catholic organizations and institutions to the area, including the Mount St. Sepulchre Franciscan Monastery in 1905, St. Francis Hall in 1931, and the Franciscans’ Holy Name College, also in 1931. Since 1984, the College has served as the Howard University School of Divinity’s East Campus.

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