B22-0905, the Real Estate LLC Transparency Amendment Act of 2018, passed with unanimous approval by the DC Council. The bill requires individuals with ownership interests in DC LLCs (Limited Liability Corporations or Partnerships) applying for a residential housing endorsement to a basic business license to disclose their identities and street addresses.

B22-0905 affects those with a 10% or more interest in an LLC, or having authority to make financial or daily decisions. Currently, only registered agents are required on these forms, shielding owners’ identities. A registered agent is typically a service serving as a point of contact between the business and the State for issues of compliance and good standing. The only requirements are that the registered agent must maintain a physical street address (registered office) and keep regular business hours.

The bill was included in the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs Omnibus Amendment Act of 2018, which seeks to reform the DCRA.

B22-0317 – Notification of Vacant and Blighted Classification Amendment Act of 2017 is also included in the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs Omnibus Amendment Act of 2018.” It requires that Notices of Vacant or Blighted Property determinations be mailed electronically to the Office of the Advisory Neighborhood Commission, the affected ANC and posted on the vacant building. The notice of final determination must also include reference to, and evaluation of, any evidence provided by the affected ANC. It also establishes what information must be provided by the Real Property Tax Appeals Commission to the ANC.

The omnibus package now moves to Mayor Muriel Bowser for review. If signed and funded, the bill goes into effect in January 2020.


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