1109 Congress Project Overview

Congress Place, at 1109 Congress Street NE, is the redevelopment of a warehouse and office building to a mixed-use PUD including 62 - 64 condominium units.

109 Congress update 2017 side view


J Street Development Co. LLC as JS Congress Holdings, LLC


Nelson Architects

Landscape Architect




Civil Engineer



Under construction.


Spring/Summer 2020


Pricing has not yet been released for this project. Please check back for updates or contact us.


220 L Street NE Washington DC 20002
1109-1115 Congress Street NE Washington DC 20002


1109 Congress is bordered by M Street to the north and L Street to the south, 3rd Street to the east and Delaware Avenue to the west, in the NoMA neighborhood of Washington DC.

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109 Congress update 2017 side view

Congress Place Project Details

Congress Place will offer 64 condominium units, a 22 space bike storage area underground parking for 16 vehicles and a rooftop community room with small terrace surrounded by a green roof. Offered will be one bedroom, one bedroom + den and two bedroom units ranging in size from approximately 605 square feet to approximately 935 square feet. Some units will offer private balconies and all are designed with large windows. The majority of units at Congress Place will be one bedroom. Two penthouse units will be built; an 834 square foot one bedroom + den unit with private terrace, and a two bedroom, two bath unit of approximately 935 square feet with a private terrace. Penthouse units feature 10-12' ceilings and oversized windows that are expected to provide outstanding views. Inclusionary Zoning units will comprise 8% GFA. The building's lobby will be situated between a small retail space and a large PDR space, facing Congress Street. The project replaces a vacant warehouse building constructed in the late 1940’s and a three story office building constructed in 2011.

PDR Uses

The PDR or PDR-related uses may include production, distribution or repair of goods including accessory sale of related products, uses encompassed within the Arts, Design, and Creation use category in 11 DCMR § 100.2, but not including a museum, theater, or gallery as a principal use;
production and/or distribution of food or beverages and the accessory sale or on-site consumption of the related food and beverage, including Union Kitchen; design-related uses including media/communications, computer system and software design; fashion design; graphic design; or product and industrial design; an urgent care center; a neighborhood hardware and/or paint store; or a package distribution center.

Affordable Housing Component

2017 updates to the project include an increase in affordable housing to equal 12% percent of the residential square footage in the project, or approximately 5,658 square feet of the net floor area. Agreement was reached an alternative means to achieve this proffer; 8% of the total 12% will be provided off site. The developer entered into a Memorandum of Understanding ("MOU") with Habitat for Humanity to assist in the construction of 5 off-site units, each with an average size of 900 net SF and an average of two bedrooms. DC Habitat and the developer intend to build larger, three-bedroom units if possible, and are investigating sites that can maximize the number of bedrooms and the square footage of the units. A contribution of at least $125k will be made for each of the five units, or a total of at least $625k. The proposed off-site units will be located within Ward 6 or Ward 5, and will be made available to households earning no more than 50% of AMI. The off-site units would be located in ANC 6C, 6A, 6E, 5D, or 5E to ensure that affordable units would be interspersed with market-rate housing to avoid an over concentration of IZ units in any one location. J Street Development sought and received flexibility from the off-site IZ requirements without meeting certain pre-requisites of 11 DCMR § 2607, as follows:

  • Section 2607.1 – the Applicant will not be required to demonstrate that compliance on-site would impose an economic hardship;
  • Section 2607.2(a) – the off-site development will not need to be located in the same census tract;
  • Section 2607.2(b) – the off-site units may not consist entirely of new construction as required by section 2607.2(b), but may also include the renovation of an existing structure;
  • Section 2607.5 – the Applicant will not be required to submit a draft covenant executed by the off-site development owner as part of the PUD application.
  • Section 2607.9 – the Applicant will provide the IZ unit generated by the penthouse square footage in the off-site development instead of on the PUD site. The penthouse generates only 207.2 square feet of IZ space, which is to be devoted to a household earning no more than 50 percent of AMI. Because this small amount of space is less than what is required for a housing unit, the Applicant proposes to consolidate this square footage in the off-site development.
  • The off-site units will not be included in the off-site development's calculations for IZ compliance. That is, the five off-site IZ units will be subtracted from the overall unit count of the off-site development. For example, if the proposed off-site development will have 10 units, the development would be considered to have just five units and would not trigger IZ.
1109 Congress Final IZ Proffer

Community Engagement

DCOZ documentation for the Congress Place project.

Updates to 1109 Congress 2017:

  • Minimal design changes. The Project will be developed in accordance with the Architectural Plans and Elevations dated January 12, 2017 submitted April 10, 2017
  • Alley improvements, including install of a gate at L Street easement and alley lighting. cleaning and improvement of the east alley
  • Enhancements to east wall at southern end of PUD
  • Affordable Housing Component increased to 12% with 8% of the total offered off-site
  • Clarification on PDR uses
  • LEED-Gold design
  • Improved site circulation and public space improvements
  • Introduction of landscaping at L Street
  • $10,000 contribution to Friends of NoMa Dogs, Inc.
  • $80,000 plus for a Capital Bikeshare Station and one-year maintenance
  • First Source Employment Agreement
  • Funding for the installation of a Capitol Bikeshare station near the intersection of 3rd Street and L Street, N.E. and pay for one year of operational and maintenance costs.

DCOZ Case Files for 1109 Congress

Floor Plans

Floor plans for Congress Place have not yet been released. Check back for updates.

Congress Place Design Details

Interior design details for this project have not yet been released. Check back for updates.

Congress Place Floor Level Plans

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