Compass topples Realogy, secures top spot in prestigious Mega 1000 ranking of real estate brokerages

As Jim Dalrymple II reported for Inman, the 2022 list released by real estate analysis and consulting firm T3 Sixty, shows that in 2021 Compass did more than $254 billion in volume, placing it above Realogy (nearly $244 billion), HomeServices of America ($199 billion), and eXp (about $156 billion). The numbers represent a meaningful reshuffling of the top places on the list.

Compass, founded by brokerage visionary Robert Reffkin, captured first place by increasing its sales volume in 2021 by an incredible 458% compared to 2018. Realogy’s volume increased only 38%, and HomeServices of America volume grew just over 46%.

The rankings, and the numbers they reflect, mark a major victory for Compass, which has become a lightning rod in the real estate industry both for its rapid growth as well as innovative technology and services.