DC property packaging is the multi-faceted process of preparing a home for sale in order to realize the highest possible sales price.


An assessment of the potential appeal of your property to its target buyer, and creation & execution of a plan to address those condition and features in order to neutralize those issues which would otherwise negatively impact your net sales price.

  • We devise a plan to correct issues that will adversely impact net profit, eliminate or minimize drawbacks, enhance positive and unique features, create or embellish your home’s ‘personality’ to fit your target buyer’s taste;
  • We provide you with a list of service providers we've worked successfully with in the past and coordinate with you and the providers to meet your pricing and timeline goals;
  • For a fee, we provide design & project oversight, leaving you free to concentrate on your sale and move. We've managed everything from full remodels and staging to minimal makeovers;
  • You decide how far you want to go to achieve your goal sales price.

The seller approves consultation recommendations and budget. The seller is responsible for payment for all services and materials.


The contractors and vendors provide the labor. For our sellers, The Isaacs Team provides free design recommendations based on our decade+ experience in the DC real estate market, as well as project oversight. We've been packaging and positioning Washington DC homes for sale for nearly a decade, setting many sales records in the process, for ourselves and other agents. Agents have relied upon us to turn failed listings into winners, achieve aspirational prices and transform tired homes into bidding war jewels. What makes us so good at it? A twelve year background in new home sales and marketing, ownership of a DC staging company to the real estate trade for four years, six years of renovation experience, a good “eye” and a successful DC real estate practice. We understand market trends, DC neighborhoods, their target buyers and price points. We are not general contractors and we perform no contractor-related work ourselves. We team with your contractors and vendors or provide a list of contractors, home renovation specialists and vendors our clients have had success with, as well as stagers, decluttering and cleaning services, photographers/ videographers and interior designers. Many real estate agents advise clients on property appearance, updates and repairs and staging in order to improve marketability. Not all are expert in the process or wish to devote the time, attention and energy necessary to oversee it. Our services save sellers time, stress and money, and largely pay for themselves in higher sold prices.


You'll want your DC home to sell quickly, at the highest possible price. Due to location, features, amenities and reasonable pricing, some homes will sell if presented in average, even poor manner, but not at top prices. If you don’t own the perfect property and you want the best price results, you’ll benefit from DC property packaging. Ideally, you'd schedule a consultation prior to listing your home for sale, as soon as you’ve decided to work with us and before making any changes to the property. This way, you can avoid making costly updates that may be unnecessary, as well as making design choices that will not work with the target buyer design profile. No one wants to pay for work to be done twice, or for unnecessary work. Start smart!


The Copperfield Renovation

Our recent renovation & staging of a condo unit at The Copperfield in Columbia Heights entailed design & renovation of kitchen and bath, construction of a new master bedroom walk-in closet, design & construction of a breakfast room banquette and custom fireplace mantle and new paint & LED lighting throughout. Cost included staging.

Square Feet







Two bedrooms, one bath

Pre-Renovation List Price


Renovated Sold Price


Project Media Gallery


Cost is based on the home size, type and scope of work needed as well as the finishes and materials selected. A budget is set when we agree on the scope of work and we solicit bids from vendors to determine how much of our 'wish list' can be accomplished. We keep in mind that unforeseen issues can occur during a renovation when walls, ceilings and floors are opened up. We also want to take into account the timeline for renovations and how that will affect our listing date.


The Isaacs Team LLC, it's owner(s) and staff are not contractors or interior designers. We have no affiliation with vendors or service providers and do not receive compensation/commissions from them for contracted work.

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