DC buyers must compete in a highly-competitive, low-inventory environment where the real estate landscape is constantly shifting. Timing is key. Neighborhoods are transforming and expanding. Price points are disappearing. Some off-market inventory is invisible to the public and the rules of the game are largely an insider secret.

To address these challenges, the ideal DC buyer’s agent possesses solid, up-to-the-minute knowledge of District neighborhoods, development, market data & trends, forecasting, awareness of outside influences and their effects on the market, as well as current strategies employed by listing agents, off-market inventory + potential of improvable properties. Understanding renovation and associated costs is key, as are outstanding negotiation skills, the ability to inform and educate clients and interact positively with, and influence listing agents. That’s a big skill set!
The whole package.
We’re the team buyers depend on to identify properties, navigate the purchase process and advocate for their interests. Our background in new construction adds layers of knowledge and value to new home purchase and renovation transactions. The team’s combined 16 years of experience in buyer representation has honed strategies, tools and market knowledge to make the purchase process smoother and more successful. We constantly educate buyers so decisions are informed. Due to the ratio of buyers we represent, we’re in and out of more homes in more neighborhoods on a weekly basis than the average agent. We offer access to a large database of off-market inventory buyers can access themselves.
Compass offers a unique set of programs and tools to help buyers reach their goals. from Compass Collections to Compass Coming Soon and Compass Bridge Loan Services, we’re making it easier than ever before for buyers to accomplish their real estate goals.

Compass + The Isaacs Team. Together, we’ve got it all.


DC sellers face a changing market, demanding turn-key buyers, an upcoming election year distraction and potential recession, challenges to the District’s market dominance from National Landing, and seasonal factors that make timing key.

To address these challenges, the ideal DC listing agent has a firm grasp of market influences and thorough understanding of values in each District neighborhood, not just those they “farm.”  It’s a given that market-driven strategies, exciting marketing and outstanding service are required. But renovation experience and expertise, along with the ability to calculate associated costs and offer sellers both a team capable of transforming homes into market winners and a program that defers the associated costs until settlement is a total game-changer.
The Isaacs Team + Compass Concierge provides the whole package.
We have the experience and the expertise to help sellers price, present and market properties to their best advantage. The Isaacs Team’s depth of understanding of DC pricing trends, inventory and data adds insight and strategic advantage, while Compass technology and marketing tools add tremendous value and market impact.
We pair our successful, decade-long track record of renovating and staging DC homes to set sales price records, paired with the unique Compass Concierge program which allows sellers to defer the costs of renovation and presentation free of charge until closing. It’s a combination that provides sellers with a powerful advantage in the competitive DC real estate market.

Compass Concierge

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Seller Advantage - DC Real Estate

  • PREPARING TO LIST involves selection of a listing agent who will guide you through the steps to preparing and listing your home for sale. The Isaacs Team will help you decide which improvements and steps are worthwhile and which will not net you a greater sales price. We'll walk your home together and our team will provide you with recommendations.
  • PRICING a home to sell quickly and at the highest number requires market knowledge, full analysis of comparatives, understanding of hyper-local pricing trends and strategies, along with a little "spidey" sense.  As us for a free market analysis of your home.
  • MARKETING your home with a combination of technology, social media and email campaigns, as well as traditional methods gives your listing the greatest exposure.
  • PACKAGING your home is the first step in the marketing process. We'll evaluate your home's appeal to it's target buyer and help create the presentation most likely to generate offers. To learn more about 'packaging' a home for sale, read our Property Packaging, 3 P's For Sellers and Staging articles in the tools section of this site.
  • NEGOTIATION involves more than agreement on your home price. Terms can be equally important in a DC real estate contract. We are seasoned negotiators who assist you in evaluating offer terms and help you negotiate a contract that is most advantageous for you.  We put your interests first.
  • TRANSACTION MANAGEMENT is part of our job. We oversee the process from start to finish, ensuring that it is the smoothest possible experience for you.
  • DELIVERING the home for settlement ensures that staging has been carefully removed, the home is in the condition your contract requires and the buyer's final walk-through will be as pleasant and issue-free as possible.
  • SETTLEMENT is the final step in your transaction. We're there with you, working with title, the buyer's lender and selling agent to effect a smooth and issue-free closing.

Buyer Advantage - DC Real Estate

  • BUYERS aren't secondary clients to The Isaacs Team. We built our business  around buyers. While most agents focus on listings and acquire buyers through listing inquiries and open houses, we reach out to you directly through our unique website. provides the market insights, education, tools and transparency that have long been missing from the agent/buyer relationship. We provide our buyers with proven strategies for every market condition, designed to help you win in a seller's market and make the most of a buyer's market.
  • PRICING your offer requires extensive market knowledge, a keen understanding of the comparatives and market trends in each micro-neighborhood. While listing agents focus on the particular area they market, we are in and out of homes throughout the District on a daily basis with our buyers. This not only gives us an advantage when we're listing a home, but a distinct advantage when helping our buyers decide how much to pay for a home.
  • PACKAGING your offer is as important as  pricing an offer. Our decades of experience and unique strategies help you present the offer most likely to be accepted by the seller of the home you've chosen to purchase.
  • PURCHASING NEW CONSTRUCTION is very different than buying a resale home. Read about it on our Buying New Construction page in the Tools section of this site. We offer the benefit of over a decade of training and experience in selling, marketing and managing new construction projects for developers. Our unique insight into the products and process adds value to your new home purchase.
  • TRANSACTION MANAGEMENT is part of our job. We oversee the process from start to finish, ensuring that it is the smoothest possible experience for you.
  • SETTLEMENT and DELIVERY are important final steps in the purchase process. We'll guide you through them and support you as you become new homeowners!
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